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Buy texts: advanced copywriting service and Api

Buy your texts with Textbox, the ideal platform to buy and sell text and services around the text.


Textbox allows you to buy customized texts according to your needs and according to your budget. Textbox offers an advanced, simple and ergonomic interface to save you time and simplify your writing service.

These texts are written in a drastic respect of your directives which are defined by a " template" that you can customize and elaborate at your convenience.

Each text has its price and this price is modifiable at will. With Textbox, you set your price. The interface allows you to set this price for each of your texts.
An intelligent system can develop the best price for you based on the supply and demand of the moment.

You organize your work in series with instructions specific to each of these series independently of the guidelines specific to the template.

Textbox offers you a "Api" that will allow you to process automatically and massively your works, as well as plugins for Wordpress, Spip or Joomla.


Textbox guarantees the uniqueness of the texts that are sold. A traceability system allows us to know each author and speakers about our texts, you can request this information if necessary. An author's name and his profile page will be given to you with your text, you can use this information as part of the "Authorship".


On Textbox you can submit your texts to preserve your copyright.

Copies of your texts can be periodically checked automatically or manually in the search engines.

Textbox allows you to use this repository as part of a "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" and offers you to automatically perform your DMCA steps with Google.

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