Api Textbox


This Api is provided for experimental and graceful, for the moment it is not the subject of any contract or any guarantee. The Textbox interface uses almost the same access points and data that you can explore in your browser console.

Api Textbox Documentation

Textbox offers an APi to create, administer and retrieve your work and tasks.


By default the Api responds to the JSON format, you can get an answer in XML format by adding the .xml extension to the url: https://api.textbox.live/questions.xml?lng=fr


The APi Textbox accepts a number of requests per hour. If this limit is exceeded or if the service is overloaded, a 503 code header is returned. We thank you in advance for moderating your Api queries so as not to cause unnecessary service overhead.


OAuth 2.0

We use the oAuth protocol, you can create application credentials and get an access_token quickly in the interface.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer << access_token >>" https://api.textbox.live/profile

To simplify the use of our Api, we do not use the refresh token.

To obtain an authorization, use the URL https://textbox.live/authand to receive the access_token https://textbox.live/token.


You can also connect to Textbox by the classic method by keeping the session cookie, to do this use url /profile :

curl -d "{'action':'login','email':'email@ndd.tld','password':'azerty'}" POST https://api.textbox.live/profile


To access the API Textbox you can use GET or POST requests.


The data transmitted by POST must be encoded as JSON.

curl -d {'action','test','key': 'value'} "-H" Authorization: Bearer << access_token >> "POST https://api.textbox.live/

If necessary, you can send the data in the "data" parameter instead of sending the data without destination: -d "data = {'key': 'value'}".

In the JavaScript console it gives:

api.post('/test',{ 'action':'test', 'key':'value' },function(rez){ log(rez); });


When you retrieve list information, you get the results in the "result" key and paging in the "paging" entry.

{ "result": [(...)], "paging": { "next": "7rXSvQrP7nLSwbtaiOpS3aKeUcqtoh596wFnT2EtfStZP9cIWR", "prev": "tOpsksuDgBtEWYOIbWU9O5nUHm4Ll1z184FPk9iuFCcuqKA3", "limit": 20 } }

Depending on whether you want the following or previous pages you have to send respectively the values ​​"next" or "prev" in the url parameter https://api.textbox.live/bills?paging=7rXSvQrP7nLSwbtaiOpS3aKeUcqtoh596wFnT2EtfStZP9cIWR